Friday, November 9, 2012 Day Hustle

It's the halfway point. Seriously. I feel like I made my list only a couple of weeks ago, and here we are with only 50 days left!

You can see my original list here, and below is my modified list. I've made a few changes, mostly because things were going in a different direction than I expected. I had planned to make totes for a few individuals, but now I'm leaning towards another form of holiday gift. Stuff like that.

First, the finishes!

  • Skirt for me
  • Quilt for 100 Quilts for Kids
  • Andrea Quilt
  • Drawstring Bags
  • Wonky Star Tablerunner
 Added Items:

  • HST quilt top (Finished! This is my contribution to the Tula Pink Sew Along.)
  • Holiday gifts (2 Ps, 3 Ms, 6 Zs, 2 Ts) 
Yet to Start: 
  • Four Capes for the Niece and Nephews and Banzo
  • Tags
In Progress:

  • Triangle Quilt--doubt this will get finished before end of year
  • Marie Quilt top--blocks are done, half of the columns are done
  • HST BOM and BOF blocks--need to polish off November's offerings
  • I-spy quilt for Banzo--started piecing
Oh, Friends. I have a lot to do. But before I do that, I am taking a day off (or two) from sewing. I've been sewing like a madwoman lately, and I'm a bit tired!

I'm linking up to the 100 Day Hustle Halfway Point! (Woo!)


  1. your hard work is showing! everything is just darling, and i'm sure the things you're working on now are going to be super!

  2. Yeah madwoman! It all looks so amazing andI'm so jealous of all your finishes.

    Enjoy your break and enjoy the rest of your list.

  3. You are kicking butt! Love your HST quilt!

  4. Wow you've gotten a lot done! Very impressive!

  5. You have been sewing like a mad woman!!! What great projects. I noticed the Tula Pink in your HST quilt and then saw you were doing the SAL - how are you liking it? You have lots of fun items! I am sure after your little break from sewing you will get everything done.

  6. Oh my Audrey you have done a truckload in 50 days. Enjoy your days off.


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