Saturday, November 17, 2012

SS: Peeps!

I am fully aware that my youngest son is not yet 8 months old. He sleeps in a crib and has a perfectly lovely baby quilt that my friend K made for him. And yet, my mind is already dreaming of what kind of quilt I'm going to make for his big boy bed.

I'm not wild about a lot of "kid" fabrics, but I knew I wanted something fun and "kid-like" for Lito's quilt. My oldest, Banzo, has an amazing puzzle quilt--also courtesy of K--and years from now, I don't want Lito coming to me and asking me why he got the shaft with some lame-o quilt while his brother is rocking sheer awesome when he sleeps.

BAM! Enter 1001 Peeps by Lizzy House. Friends, I heart this fabric so very very much, and I bought four different prints in the blue colorway. Sure, I won't be cutting into this stack of awesome for a LONG time, but if I wait until then to purchase fabric, I probably won't be able to get any Peeps, and what if there are no other awesome fabric lines that come out before I need to make a quilt for Lito? Best to buy it now. (Especially when it's on sale!) I may have even started sketching out an idea for his quilt. Just maybe.

And while it's not exactly "stash" related, I did pick up another bit of fun. I know quilt bloggers are always talking about how lovely and helpful and awesome the quilt blogging community is, but seriously. It rocks. It's how I found out that my dear, dear Agatha can FMQ. I just assumed that since she doesn't even have a zigzag stitch, FMQ was a little out of her league, but no! That's not the case! So, I may have picked up this lovely foot, and I may have spent the last week practicing FMQ. (And it may have been awesome!)

So, if you are into FMQ, please share with me some of your resources/tips. (Pretty please? Cherry on top?) I just finished the Angela Walters book since I know she's pretty much the patron saint of FMQ, but I am wallowing in the sheer volume of information and designs available! Help!

Ah! I forgot to mention when I originally posted this that I'm linking up with Fiona's Sunday Stash, which took a vacation this week and is visiting Alyce in Japan! Fun, right?


  1. Aw Peeps are definitely worth investing in, even while an infant sleeps. I am not a big FMQ but I just bought the same book and may also be tempted to do more.

  2. Audrey, love the blue colour way in this line. Have you seen the Robot Blue fabric by Rashida Coleman Hale? I très adore! You brave woman going all rogue on FMQ - love it! Can't wait to see how it goes!

  3. I love the fabric! And knowing Banzo, he'll probably be all over this quilt, too. =]

    1. I am sure he will want this quilt too. I think he believes I serve to sew things for him and him alone.

  4. What a gorgeous line to use! I'm yet to find out if Ellie can FMQ... Oh I hope so!

  5. Love the Peeps! That'll make a gorgeous quilt :)

    Yay for giving FMQ a go! Have you checked out Leah Day's website? A gazillion FMQ designs there - it's very inspiring!!

  6. Kristy beat me to it on Leah Day. She is just great all-around as a teacher, artist and entrepreneur. I will also suggest Sharon Schamber, whose 'Mystique' quilt is just mind-blowing.

  7. Oh, I was going to suggest Leah Day too. Especially her button that says "START HERE" on the top linky bar.


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