Tuesday, April 30, 2013

May Goals.

Holy goodness! It's almost May.

In ramping up for the half marathon, I didn't spend as much time as I would have liked sewing, and I wish I had gotten a bit further along on a couple of projects.

Thank you so much to the peeps who wrote and wished me luck in the race! I didn't break anything or wind up passing out mid-course. I finished under the time I had hoped to, and I enjoyed myself! There is something to be said for having large droves of people cheering you on and spending lots of walking time with a good friend.

  • Sissy Love Quilt--baste, quilt, bind
  • Morgan's Nursery Quilt--quilt top is done
  • Finish the Massive Clean/Organize/Purge Effort--didn't touch our office
  • Make It Modern Bee Blocks (2)
  • Lucky Stars BOM Block (1)--nope!
  • Sisters' 10 BOM Blocks (2)
  • QBB quilt--quilt is basted; just need to quilt and bind
  • Jamie's quilt?--need to look at time constraints/fabric on hand and see if this is even possible
  • Birthday gifts
  • Banzo's 3 shirt

For May:
  • Morgan's Nursery Quilt
  • QBB Quilt
  • Make It Modern Bee Block (1)
  • Lucky Stars BOM Blocks (2)
  • Sisters' 10 BOM Blocks (2)
  • Dress for the wedding

My sister-in-law is getting married over Memorial Day weekend, so our family is going to be very busy preparing for the event and visiting family before and after. I'm hoping this list is manageable--I guess we'll see! What does your May look like?

I'll be linking up with Fresh Sewing Day! I'm pretty sure you should too!

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  1. Holy Batman! Great job on your marathon! That's amazing and a SUPER personal goal to accomplish! I love your feather block. They are beautiful!

  2. Knowing you, I'm sure the list is pretty manageable :) I have a wedding to attend Memorial Day weekend as well, and I WAS gonna make a dress, but decided I'd rather spend more time quilting hehe.

    Side note: Love your hair in the new (different, maybe I'm a bit behind?) profile pic!!!

  3. Well at least you had a good excuse for not getting as much sewing done as you'd like! A marathon is no small thing :) hope you get everything you want done in May!! I hope I get more used to my new schedule and get stuff done in May, too ;)

  4. My goodness what a busy month! Congratulations on completing the half marathon! I won't take up running for fear of it eating into my sewing time - well that's my excuse! And what lovely makes you have too. Those feathers are stunning.


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