Thursday, April 18, 2013

Thursday Check-In

Hi Friends! Things have been a little intense around here lately. Not in a bad way, per se, just in a very crazy, very busy life way. I'm participating in a half marathon on April 27th, and my training is ramping up to see me through it. (Think happy thoughts my way on April 27th, okay? I'm not exactly the most exercise-happy person, and walking this will be a good stretch for me. I'm glad I'll have my dear quilting sensei K to make sure I don't die.)

As for this lovely bit of awesomeness:

Sew Sweetness

I'm going to do it.

Am I crazy? Yes. But I have been known to do crazy things for my Tula love before, like drop everything I'm doing to put together a last minute HST quilt for the Tula Sew Along.

And because I'm expecting three rounds of Tula fabric from the Tula 10" swap, I should hopefully have a good stash of fabric to get me started. Because shouldn't I use my beloved Tula fabric for a beloved Tula quilt? Is anyone else thinking of starting this QAL? We could be QAL buddies.....


I finished up my first April bee block. One of the ladies from the Make It Modern Bee is planning a modified bento box quilt in tangerines and aquas (can we say awesome fun?) and this is my contribution.

And this is as far as I've gotten on my feathers for my second block for MIM. When I made my cousin's quilt, I only needed to make the feather portion, and I appear to have lost the background portions of the template, so a reprint of the PDF is necessary. I stayed up way too late last night piecing these and had to snap a quick night shot.

I've been sewing a lot of little girls skirts recently. A friend of mine has a baby girl, and when she discovered the little one's gender, I promised to keep the baby in tutus. Also, they're really fun to sew! I used this tutorial from Diary of a Flutter.Kat, which was super awesome.

I've finished all of my cutting for my Sisters' 10 BOM blocks. (I don't wanna talk about my Lucky Stars block for April--I can't even decide on fabrics!) I hope to have these done in the next couple of days, but there are a lot of HSTs to cut and trim.

And it wouldn't be a proper check-in without letting y'all know about my latest and greatest evil plan. Friends, my sister-in-law is getting married next month, and I need a dress for her wedding. After consulting a few of the local stores in town, I've decided to try my hand at making one. We've already covered my craziness in this entry, so I won't go into the soundness of this idea, but I think I've chosen a pattern I can tackle, and I've ordered my fabric. I hope to have it done (for good or for evil) with enough time to find another dress if it's a massive failure.

I'll be back tomorrow with a baby quilt finish, and then I may drop off the radar for a bit as I finish out my last week of marathon training. I hope all of you lovelies are doing well!


  1. If you need carbs before and/or after the marathon, you know who to call. ;)

    And I'm super excited about this dress scheme!

    1. Hahaha. I might need some goodness after the race to keep me alive.

  2. I don't even want to think about how behind I am on my boms... its sad -.- It is way too easy to get behind! I am at least going to get my bee commitment out of the way this weekend. And try to catch up on March blocks hopefully!

    I don't think making your own dress is *that* crazy. But then again, I often jump straight into a project without letting silly things like not knowing how to do it stop me ;) I bet it will be fabulous!

    Good luck on your half marathon!!

  3. Hi, I just found your blog through WIP Wednesday and I like your stuff!

    I hope your half marathon went well today. I did a 5k last night and thought I would die, I don't know how you crazies can run so far!!


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