Wednesday, April 10, 2013

WIP: April Showers Edition.

This past week has seen less work than usual, primarily because spring has finally arrived, and the lovely sunshine has prompted me to spend a lot of time outside with my kidlets. Alas, it's raining today, and the light has been splotchy all day, which means lousy pictures, but some good work done on projects. 

My oldest kidlet is finally tall enough to start holding up baby quilts. (Woo!) Unfortunately, he's not very steady with his hands, and he kept dropping the sides, so I snapped this quickly and moved on. This quilt is for Jamie, or more specifically, for her incoming baby. I've got to figure out a backing option, but it's coming along.

I started piecing my QBB quilt blocks together. Yes, those are fat kitties. If you like kitties, they are great. If you don't like kitties....

Since my QBB quilt has to be bound by machine, so I thought I would practice on my Sissy Love quilt, aka, The Quilt that Almost Broke Me. I'll talk more about *that* adventure on Friday because I should have a finished Sissy Love quilt by then. Unless it does, in fact, break me, and then you can find me slamming my head onto my sewing table and muttering gibberish.

I used this tutorial from Rachel of Stitched in Color, and I really like the look of the zigzag stitch on the front. I think it adds a bit more texture, and on this minimalistic quilt, that's welcome, at least by me!

So far, my back is sloppy in places, but mostly straight and steady. Because I'm in a hurry to get this quilt done and out of my life, I'm not working as slowly as I should, and if I'd take my time with it, I know it would look cleaner. But whatevsies. I'm getting 'er done!

(And no, I didn't abandon Agatha for a newer model. Agatha doesn't rock a zigzag stitch, so I've borrowed a friend's Janome for a couple of days.)

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  1. Looking forward to hearing about the quilt that almost broke you... must be quite a story!

  2. Ha ha, some quilts need to move on...I machine bind only and have improved so much since the beginning.

  3. I've tried the same zig zag technique for binding before and found it wasn't as pretty as I imagined it would be. Mine ended up a little sloppy on one side as well. Though that could be due to lack of skills rather than the technique... :)

  4. I hope you do not get broken by any quilt. That is sadness! Also, I do love kitties and I am planning on making a cat quilt out of all of my kitty fabrics. It is going to be wonderful. Yours is pretty inspiring...

  5. great baby quilts! I love sewing the binding on with the machine--I sew it on the back and then top stitch it on the front. I tried a similar method to yours and wasn't that happy with the sloppy results. I'll have to try a zigzag next time!

  6. I just gave stitching the binding down by machine after resisting for a long time and improved quite a bit with just 3 under my belt. One thing I did was attach it with a 1/4" so that the underside clears the binding completely and then I use matching thread for top and bottom. Great that you have it a go, the quilt is so cute.


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