Monday, July 1, 2013

Q2 Finished Results.

My original list is here. I had five unfinished items to tackle from April to June, and I finished four of five, so that's pretty fantastic, right?

QBB Quilt--Finished!

 Sissy Love Quilt--Finished!

Morgan Nursery Quilt--Finished!

Jamie's Baby Quilt--Finished!

And the Triangle Mini Quilt? I didn't even touch it. I really did have the best of intentions to finish that bad boy up, but I didn't. Oooh! But I can totally blame that on the fact that I've had family in town or been out of town myself for most of June, right? Right. 

Stay tuned for a Q3 list in the very near future. Until then, I'm linking up with Leanne at She Can Quilt for the Q2 Finish-a-Long!


  1. I just adore that owl quilt! The colors are so unexpected and I love the layout if the blocks! You really got a lot accomplished:)

  2. Amen to a busy June! Still looks like you've finished up a lot of things recently!

  3. The owl quilt is so cute!!! I love that combination of pink and orange.


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