Sunday, July 21, 2013

SS: Hop Hop Edition.

Yesterday was the start of a shop hop that my quilting sensei K and I will be undertaking. We visited two shops with the goal of visiting another five in the next month.

Mr. Audrey asked me what one did on a Shop Hop, and I was aghast. You mean, besides buy fabric? What other reason do you need? That poor, poor man. He tolerates my fabric love oh-so well, and even humored me when I got home and oohed over all of my purchases. (I love him.)

If you need to avert your eyes, I understand. This is not the prettiest fabric I've ever seen before either! The second shop we visited was passing out goody bags that contained a fat quarter inside, which was a very nice thought, even if I have no idea what I will use this...lovely bit of fabric for, but I rarely (if ever?) say no to free fabric.

This is the real loot. The stuff I'm extra super excited about! Bright colors! Lots of hot pink! Delicious pin dots! YUM!

From left to right:
  • From Michele D'Amore's Floralicious line for Benartrex. I bought an FQ of this print many moons ago, and I loved it so much that when I ran out, there was mucho sadness. I bought a yard yesterday, most of which is destined for a desperately needed ironing board cover, but 1 yard will ensure I have plenty left over too. 
  • Orange Swirlies--no selvage info
  • Moda's Essential Dots in Turquoise
  • Moda's Essential Dots in Orange
  • Yummy Delicious Navy Batik--K backed my youngest son's quilt in this, and I fell in love with it, but could never find it! Until yesterday, mwahahaha!
  • Magenta Awesomeness--no selvage info
It's Sunday, and of course that means I'm linking up with Sunday Stash, which is being hosted this week by Kristy at Quiet Play. (I'm super jealous of all of her delicious sketch fabrics.) 


  1. Oh don't we all have some... lovely fabric tucked away in the stash that we just couldn't turn down because it was free?!

    Love the bright colours! I think the orange swirly fabric is from Exclusively Quilter's What a Hoot. Love the swirls!

  2. My Sunday Stash was a fabric edition this week as well! The dots are just great. Glad you had a good time with your sensei.

    1. Those dots apparently come in every color ever. My wallet is whimpering! :)

  3. I'm do love the Floarlicious! The essential dots are also lovely - great choice! You must have had a ball :^)

    1. The floralicious is seriously one of my favorite prints ever. It comes in six colors, but I've only ever managed to find the lime and the pink. (Not that I'm complaining. I'd pick those two first, then the other four.)

  4. With regard to that hideous far quarter, save it for a giveaway, a swap, or a dish rag! ;-)

  5. Shop hop + friend= a great day!! Fun finds!

  6. The free FQ looks rather monochromatic, if you cut it up nice and small (I'm thinking strings here) it should be fine.


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