Sunday, July 7, 2013

SS: Baby Girl Quilt.

Friends, it is with great excitement that I announce my baby sister is having a baby girl. Woo! I think of all the fun girl sewing I'll be able to do, and I dream of teaching her to quilt and picking out fabric with her and basically shaping a mini me. Sweet gig, right?

Perhaps not a mini me, exactly, but I am excited about sewing this new little one a bunch of goods to welcome her into the world the proper way: with sparkles, with ribbons and trim, and with lots and lots of hot pink.

And of course, she'll need an awesome baby quilt to go along with it. I chose this palette because initially my sister was leaning towards some magenta-ish fabric choices for her crib bedding. (She has since detoured and gone the route of grays and aquas, but my palette remains unchanged because can I be honest? I'm more excited about working with hot pinks and oranges and yellows.) The top chevron is what I pulled everything from, but I ordered mostly oranges and yellows because I already have one or two*** pink prints on hand.

There is some Comma in there, and there is some Glimma in there, and there are some other prints too. Can't you just see a delicious baby quilt emerging from this beautiful stack of goodness? I've got the design planned, and I'm eager to get started, but first! I really need to finish up some of these other projects. (Is that the story of my life, or what?)

I'm linking up with Sunday Stash at Pretty Bobbins

***And by one or two, I mean one or two thousand.


  1. How lovely! Will be interested to see where you go with the fabrics you've chosen.

  2. Pretty amazing pull ;) And I have to say, I'm usually in the other camp (cool, beachy blues/aquas), but having just finished a top with a similar color scheme I'm glad you stood your ground and I'm pretty excited to see where you take this one!

  3. That looks pretty fun and bright! Really lovely pull. It'll be even more fun with those pinks you are talking about but not showing, lol.

  4. Nice! But don't forget that you've got two future quilters right there at home already that need some learnin'. ;)

    1. I just got a pic of my youngest perched in front of the sewing machine. No fears, my friend! The boys will learn! (And it will be awesome....)

  5. Gorgeous bundle! Those yellows and oranges are fab. :o)

  6. Nice!! Once this is finished she'll realize that the hot pink option is by far, the better option to go with. ;) Can't wait to see it put together!

  7. What a gorgeous palette! This is going to be such a great baby quilt! Congratulations on becoming an aunt :) thanks for linking up!


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