Friday, September 27, 2013

FF: Feather Mini.

FOREVER ago, I participated in a low volume charm swap. It yielded this lovely. But when piecing hte quilt, I may have held on to my favorite charms from the swap because I just couldn't bear to let some of that delish fabric go!

Then I pieced them all together and started with this as my jumping off point. It then sat on my sewing wall for months and months and months and months. And some more months, just for good measure. I knew from the beginning that I wanted to add a feather to it and make a mini quilt for me, but who has time to make those AMH feathers, especially when I'm sick of making them because of other projects?!

But when piecing another two feathers for my niece's quilt, I finally sucked it up and made one for me, and in Tula fabrics to boot. (Except for that one Oliver and S. print that I used in my Marie quilt, and therefore think is perfectly acceptable for use.) After that, the quilt came together in record time.

Since it won't be heavily used, I kept the quilting very minimal and quilted another "feather" opposite of the appliqued one. I debated a bunch of different quilting options, including some really dense FMQ, but after completing the feather, I liked it. So, I left it, and that's done. I need a dowel rod, but hopefully I'll have it up on my sewing wall very soon.

Best of all, this is my final project from my Q3 FAL list! Woo! I'm linking up today with Megan at Cherry Valley Designs for TGIFF and Crazy Mom Quilts for Finish It Up Friday.


  1. This is really pretty. And even more fabulous that you get to keep it for yourself :-)
    E xx

  2. OMG so pretty! I love it! I think I need a mini quilt to adorn my sewing space... hmm.

  3. Cute! I haven't tried any feathers yet :)

  4. Love that! The feather pops off that low volume background; nice way to showcase some favorite fabrics :) (plus I might have a thing for feathers....)

  5. I love it! The pop of the feather against the low volume background is fantastic!

  6. So pretty!!!

    Thank you for linking up with TGIFF!

    Have a great weekend! :) Megan @ Cherry Valley Designs

    1. Thanks, Megan! And thank for hosting! :)

  7. It's beautiful! love the feather

  8. Very pretty, some really lovely fabrics in there and the feather stands out so well against the low volumes.

  9. This is a beautiful little quilt!

  10. Love this - I need to make a " feather something" I think.

  11. Visiting from the finish along. This is wonderful. Very cool use of the feather


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