Tuesday, September 24, 2013


Small scraps equal...

A needlebook! My handsewing has been traveling a bit, and while I've been carrying thread, scissors, and needles in my stylish hot pink Melody Miller typewriter pouch--wow, THAT was a mouthful--I've been keeping track of my needles and pins by shoving them into a scrap of fabric and hoping they don't get lost in the pouch and I don't later stab myself when looking for them. Because I'm super classy like that.

The scraps are from my sister's baby quilt, which I finally basted the other night. (Thank goodness I have until November to finish that bad boy up.) I added a bit of turquoise from my scrap bin, and voila! Needlebook. It was fairly easy sewing, and it came together quickly, which made me oh-so happy. It's a definite improvement over the previous needle/pin storage system. Of course, I hadn't considered how I was going to shut the thing until I'd pieced it all together, so I stole some ribbon from my ribbon stash, and it almost looks like I planned it. I mean, I did plan it. Totally. *Ahem.*

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  1. I definitely need a needle book! I realized this yesterday when I went for a needle to sew a new button on an awesome thrifter dress... I still keep my needles in the package they came in! How uncute!! Must remedy this. Yours is so cute! :)


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