Saturday, September 14, 2013

Sunday Stash at HPQ, aka Total Awesomeness.

Hooray! Welcome to Sunday Stash! I'm so glad you're joining me, and I do hope you'll link up. Also, mucho thanks to Fiona for letting me host this week!

When I had asked for a September date oh-so long ago, I'd had big plans for this particular stash update. BIG plans. As some (or possibly all!) of you know, I'm a bit of a Tula Pink lover. And as you might also know, her line Acacia is set to drop this month. I anticipated I'd have some lovely Tula to show off today, but alas, I'll just have to dazzle you with it later.

However! In lieu of those awesome raccoons, I do have a bit of pretty to share. I know it's kind of old news now, but when I saw Anna Maria Horner's daughter, Juliana, was releasing her first line, and with the same saturated palettes that her mother is famous for, I knew I'd have to see this stuff in person. Yummy Rosette!

And, I picked up these two bits to use as binding. The orange is a DS Quilts print, and the cream is...something. The orange I'll use for Lito's log cabin quilt, and the cream...something. Both were on a remnant sale table thingie at Joann's. Thirty percent off already clearanced fabric? Yes, please! 

My final addition this week is a lovely cupcake print my friend Sarah gave me for my birthday. Hooray for cupcakes! And that ribbon that she tied it with--love! She understands my dancing monkey love in a very serious way. Isn't she such a peach?

So tell me--what fabrics have found their way into your possession recently? And if some of you have some Acacia, I promise I won't show up on your doorstep and demand a bit. I may think about it, but I do have a bit of restraint, even when it comes to Tula.


  1. Also can't wait for acacia!! I looooove the raccoons :) but you have some serious pretties there!

  2. I love buying fabrics specifically for binding. I would use that orange for sure! Thank you for hosting this week Audrey.

  3. It's a true test of patience waiting for a fabric line to be released :)

  4. I have plenty of fabric for ...... something! lol

  5. I had to pick up a few of JH's prints at Joann's yesterday. Nice haul!

  6. Waiting on fabric is the worst! I love that roses print from JH, and I also may have a bunch of that orange DS print! Thanks for hosting Sunday Stash :D


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