Thursday, September 19, 2013

Sweet Pouch Swap.

Hi Friends!

Soooooooo...several weeks ago, I participated in my first handmade swap ever. Let me be honest, it was absolutely terrifying. Terrifying! The thought of making something for another human being, and what if they hated it? And what if I had them pegged all wrong? What if in the process of making their pouch I suddenly forgot how to sew, or Agatha died a miserable death in flames and I could no longer sew because I missed her too much and was going around in black mourning a world without her, or a kajillion other things went wrong?

But nothing did. I had a lovely partner. I did have a near panic attack when picking out fabric, but I liked what I did in the end. I'm happy I participated. Dropping my box in the mail was nerve-wracking, but once it was done, it was done, and I knew that I'd gained something from the experience no matter what happened. Of course, in true Audrey fashion, I didn't snap a picture. However!

And then...I got my package in the mail. If there is bright pink anywhere, you know I'm going to swoon. So when I pulled out this lovely, I was so ridiculously happy! Look how gorgeous is it! Look at the serious detail! That delicious topstitching! Have I mentioned I love red and pink together?* Look at that fabric! Yum! My partner also made me a sunglasses case (hot pink, of course) and stuffed my pouch with lots of delicious goodies and tea and yum!

And do you see the inside of that pouch? Do you see that pink binding? That's commitment, Friends. Serious commitment. I totally lucked out and got an amazing partner, and I can say my first handmade swap was a success.

Thank you, Louise, for being an amazing partner and making my first swap so much fun! My pouch has found a home in my sewing nook, and seeing it every day makes me happy! 

*I think it's because my mom always told me that red and pink clashed and that I should never wear them, and I always wanted to, and while I didn't have a rebellious teenage phase, this is my way of being rebellious. Red and pink forever! Love you, Mom, but I have to be my own person!


  1. Gorgeous bag! I think your partner got it spot on :)

  2. Oh my goodness, I just bought a fat quarter of that fabric the other week!! And in the blue colourway too.


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