Monday, August 15, 2016

30 Days of Quilt Design #2-5

I finished my first five quilt designs for #30daysofquiltdesign. Friends, that's 1/6 of the way there. To be honest, I'm pretty impressed I made it this far, but when I got over freaking out and panicking and telling myself that this wasn't my thing and I couldn't do it, ummmm...I did it. I'm not saying these designs are going to win awards or I have it in my mind to start a pattern business, but I am pretty stoked about what came out. Best of all, I could TOTALLY see myself making some of these. Maybe next time I need a baby quilt, instead of strolling around the internet looking for inspiration, I'll *gasp* look in my own idea book.

Fair warning: I love hot pink. You'll see a lot of it. I also apparently like warm colors, though I am going to challenge myself to design at least ten quilts using a cooler palette. Also, at least one quilt with brown. (Bleh.) Also, my naming skillz leave something to be desired. But to be honest, I kinda like my names over a more professional sounding one anyway. Finally, if you follow me on instagram, you've already seen all of this business, but I did include some additional thoughts about each design here if you're so inclined to read on.

#2 Stripey-Stripe

I saw a wonky tumbler quilt somewhere on the internet, and I loved it. The tumblers were really tall and really skinny, which would most likely be a total pain in the tukhus to piece, but it was so dreamy. I don't know how I got from there to here. I also have no idea where the idea for a red strip came into play. I couldn't find a red crayon and wound up using a red-violet, which looks pink, and voila! There's my pink stripe. Which honestly, I like better, surprising no one.

#3 Mismatched Points

I thought I'd give the skinny tumbler idea a go again. But my tumblers looked liked triangles, and then I kinda liked them as triangles, and I was going to start with pink, but then the red fell out of the box--I shamelessly stole my kid's brand new crayons, don't tell him!--and I thought an ombre flame-y thing-y could be fun. I'd use solids on this quilt, though I might go scrappy LV for the white bits. Or maybe a cross ombre with baby yellow at the bottom that shifted to white? So. Many. Possibilities.

#4 Mustard Stain

I've been working on a shawl (you can see a peek at the top of this pic) and I thought it would be fun to make some sort of play on the lace pattern that it uses. For this one, I went so far as to haul out my Kona card and look at colors--I'd work with Kona White plus either Kona Curry or Kona Yarrow. I think I like Curry better, but the Yarrow is such a fun word to say and type.

#5 Highlighting the DP9

And numero five. When I first started quilting, I was in love with the DP9 block. Like, seriously in love. I even went so far as to cut up some fabric and make a test mini quilt to see how I liked it IRL. And friends, the combination of fabrics, the small size, and just something about it totally put me off DP9s, and I don't think I ever did anything else with them. But it's a great little block, and I thought my fifth design could be a super yummy bright scary neon version using Kona Highlight, Kona White, Kona Pomegranate (maybe--more research is needed here) and maybe Kona Coal? Oh, did I mention this would be huge? Like a 45" DP9 block? Because go big or go home, right?

And that's days 2-5, y'all!


  1. Go big or go home - yes! (Side story: I hurt my back bad enough this summer that a chiropractor said that to me, oops.) I think you are definitely in the groove and it is fun to see your designs. I especially like Mismatched Points.

  2. I'm proud of you for taking the jump and discovering what would become of your quilty doodles! It's fun to see how far you've gotten with your 1001 Peeps quilt and keep up with your new sketches on IG. : )

    Watching others work through this challenge has encouraged me to give it a try, too. Too often, I think that a quilt design will come to me like a flash of lighting, when it's more frequently a matter of having the discipline to sit down and play with ideas on paper.


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