Monday, August 1, 2016

Finished Night Sky Quilt.

Friends, I had crazy plans to take this quilt out in the wild and photograph it somewhere other than my home. But, as you haven't seen every angle available at my home yet, I suppose there is some novelty to my balcony. White railings! Old brick! The sheer fabulousness of it all! I jest, of course, but you know I'm not jesting when I talk about how glorious this quilt is. Friends, this is my first Night Sky quilt (pattern by Jaybird Quilts) and it is scrumptious.

I'm more than a little in love with Jaybird Quilts' patterns. Her Northern Lights pattern is still one of my all-time favorite quilt patterns, and I'm thrilled to have another of her patterns. I'm confident there will be more Night Sky quilts in the future. (I'm already dreaming of one with yummy navy background fabric and perhaps brilliant yellows, oranges, pink, and reds? (AKA, my favorite color scheme.)

While not the easiest quilt I've ever put together--can't beat plain patchwork for that, friends--it did come together with ease. What was really shocking to me was how nicely my angles lined up. It looks like I pinned with serious care and was super careful about every stitch, which we all know is not how this quilter typically operates.

I quilted it with a mixture of straight lines in the white section and some FMQ in the green portions, and it was bound off with a fun green and white stripe.

The back is a stars and planets print that I had chilling in my stash. My older boys are super upset that I am giving this quilt away. They could care less for the front, but HOW DARE I give away this super cool sparkly space print? THE HORROR. (Little do they know, I still have some in stash, and I'll eventually get around to making them something from it.)

For this quilt, I actually shook things up a bit and used a different thread on top that I did in my bobbin. Green and white for the top--blue on the bottom. I was nervous, especially for the white sections, but it worked like a charm.

This is the before-washing shot. If there is one negative to the quilt, it's a bit on the small size for an Audrey baby quilt, but its loveliness more than makes up for that. The entire time I was working on it, I remembered another fun baby quilt I made with a similar palette. There is something about kelly green and crisp white that moves me!

This is my fifth finish for the Q3 FAL, woo! Only eleventy million left to go! Friends, have a lovely Monday, and I hope your August is AMAZING.


  1. Yay hooray this turned out amazing!

  2. It is so lovely, Audrey, and I'm glad the different colored threads worked so well for you. :) My domestic tension is good enough I can usually get away with it there, but it's just too much to ask of my longarm, LOL. You are on a serious hot streak with your Q3 goals.

  3. Love this quilt - it's one I have really enjoyed seeing in my feed and it looks fantastic on that white railing!!

  4. Wow! I knew this was going to be gorgroeus when you gave us a sneak peak; but it's even more stunning than I'd imagined.

  5. I love green and white quilts! Congratulations on your finish, and thank you, on behalf of the 2016 global FAL hosts, for taking part!

  6. It's beautiful! I really like the green and white! I've seen many Jaybird Quilt patterns that look as stunning as this one, but I haven't tried one myself yet. That's a lucky baby!


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