Wednesday, August 24, 2016

30 Days of Quilt Design 6-10

I'm back with another set of five designs. I'm a third of the way there, woo!

#6 Untitled
I would definitely tweak the colors on this one. I like the idea of black and white in this scheme, but I don't know that I would choose the dots. Maybe the HSTs?

#7 Triangle Hit Parade

Of all the designs I've sketched so far, this is by far my favorite. I would totally make this, and in a scrappy fashion. It was inspired by a tissue box.

#8 Drunken Stagger

I'm trying to stick to my resolution to try new things, including at least one design with brown. This is...too much brown? And not very Audrey. But brown is under the belt, so we're all good on that front.

#9 Attack Triangles

Originally titled Attack of the Triangles, I've decided I like the title Attack Triangles better. Because YES. This one I'd do up in blue and white prints. And I don't think I'd lay it out exactly like this. More this sketch is to convey that I'd make a bunch of different size HSTs and HST blocks and throw them all together in a big whirl of awesome traditional quilting color palette fun.

#10 Vanilla's Quilt

This is the design plan I'm operating under for my daughter's quilt. You can see a hint of the navy blues I've picked, plus I'll be supplementing with scraps and other bits. I'm starting with a NY Beauty block in the center, each quadrant being navy, white, and one other color (yellow, orange, red, hot pink). Yellow is up first, and I've already attacked scraps. Now I need to look through stash. And I need to take a look through the other colors too. I'm finding I have little in the way of orange, and I should double-check red and hot pink too!

And those are designs 6-10. I'm still having a ton of fun with this challenge, though it is stretching me.

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