Monday, August 22, 2016

A Sew-Together Bag (The First? The Last?)

OMG, I finished a Sew Together Bag. This bag pattern has been around for awhile, and I've seen probably a million gorgeous lovely versions, but this is the first one I've made. I had grand plans to sew some up as birthday or holiday gifts, starting first with my husband.

Last year, I made my husband a messenger bag. Since I was kinda making up things as I went along, I bought a bunch of fabric and crossed my fingers that I would have enough. (And oh, did I!) I've since made him a lunch bag from the same set of fabrics, and now this sew together bag. He uses both almost daily, which of course makes my heart squee. I don't think he'll be using this one as often, mostly because I constructed it for use as a toiletry bag. Probably 2-4 times a year, he goes on an epic trip for work--often internationally because he's a punk and gets to go cool places--and he needed a new toiletry bag. His birthday is next month, so I thought I'd cross this one off early and call it good.

And boy, am I glad that I did. I wouldn't call this pattern hard--it's just fiddly. Though I will say I pretty much followed this sew-along from The Quilt Barn and only referenced my pattern when absolutely necessary. I found the tons of pictures of the sew-along much easier to follow than the pattern itself.

Of course, my husband happened to walk into the house as I was assembling the final product, took one look at the bag and said, "Hey, that matches my bag!" And then he got excited. So I gave it to him early because he already knew it was for him even though I didn't say anything. And it was awesome because he just keep looking it over and over again, seemingly shocked that I could make something like this. Ha! Bag success!

My version is far from perfect. I love it and it's fine, but I guess I'd say some areas are a little sloppier than I'd like. And interfacing? OMG, I wanted to cry because my interfacing drama just seems to get worse the more I use that stuff.

The pockets may seem a little wild, but I knew my husband would appreciate the ninjas and craziness. Sometimes I feel like our lives are ninjas and craziness. It's fitting. And, added bonus, it used up weird random scraps.

I also am not super pleased with the placement of the lions. At this point, I only have a bit of lion fabric left, so I used what I had. But even when I expressed my disappointment to my husband, he pointed out that it looks like the lions are peeking out, and he said he liked it.

I kinda think he's the best. So here's a happy birthday present to my husband! I thought it would also be lovely to finish up the negroni shirt I've promised him, but I really REALLY need to start working on my daughter's quilt. In my defense, I had to order some fabric, but it's here now, and there are no excuses! Get to work, Audrey!

This is finish #7 from my Q3 FAL list. And with the weekend's fabric order arrival, I'll hopefully have the supplies I need to finish off or make good progress on a couple of the other items on that list. Conquering all sixteen is probably not a tangible goal, but I've never let that stop me in the past!

And I'm linking up with TGIFF over at Anja Quilts, which is super fun because she also finished a Sew Together Bag!


  1. The colour combination is great and it's fantastic that your husband was so excited with his early gift. congratulations on your finish.

  2. This is awesome. I made one too and the sew along from the Quilt Barn is WAY more helpful then the pattern! Looks great!! Thank you for participating in the FAL, on behalf of the 2016 global FAL hosts


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