Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Improv-y August Bee Block

For this month's Stash Bee block, I was assigned an improv-y/modern block for a sampler quilt in beachy colors. The color palette was interesting and something I hadn't seen before. It was also composed of a bunch of colors I don't regularly use! I searched through my stash and scrap bags, and culled this mountain of scraps.

Our queen bee had recommended 42 Quilts' Modern Monday series for inspiration, and inspired I was! It was actually difficult to nail down a design. At first, I leaned toward a wonky string block, but I didn't have long enough strings to work with, so I opted to go with block 61, though my interpretation is...a bit loose.

In my hunt for fabric, I discovered this square-in-a-square block. It included the infamous touch of rust, which had me stumped. (100 points to me for finding a way to sneak it in?? Oh, I think so.)

Remember that mountain of scraps from the first photo? Yeah, this is ALL that's left. Not even kidding. It makes me giddy to see all of that fabric being used. Hooray! I am always so nervous with improv requests, but then I get started, and it all comes together. It's even gotten to the point where I'm not stressed out when piecing them. (Thank goodness.) Of course, it helps that this is only a 15" finished block and not an entire quilt, but still! I'm happy to be stretched in my quilting hobby.

Happy Wednesday, Friends! My Wednesday is NOT super happy, but only because I thought I had enough border fabric, and I *actually* started attaching borders and got three on before I realized I need one more 3.5" strip, so it looks like I'll be ordering fabric. I SUPPOSE I'll have to add a few more things to my cart to justify shipping maybe some more knits and fun prints for Vanilla clothes? If I must. Oh, the sacrifices I make for you, quilting hobby!


  1. These blocks are looking so cool! Her quilt is going to look awesome!

  2. Way to use up that pile of scraps! And super extra bonus points to you for finding a hint of rust. :)


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