Sunday, July 31, 2016

Latest Yarn Addition.

The yarn on the left is a skein of glorious hand-dyed yarn that my amazing mother-in-law bought for me in Alaska many many many years ago. (It may be over 10!) I have technically been knitting for a long time, but mostly squares and rectangles. This yarn was so glorious and beautiful that I didn't want to knit it up in a plain ol' scarf. It needed a majestic project. I needed more skillz. And I needed more comfort with a pair of needles in my hand.

After knitting up my first pair of socks, I figured I would attempt a shawl, and while I was unpacking, I pulled out my lovely beautiful Alaska yarn. I think it's meant to be. I teamed it up with this yummy mustard color from a the most amazing LYS that I visited yesterday, and I'm in business! I'm always super inspired by Alia and Samantha's knitting (and sewing!) adventures, and after watching them churn out so many lovely shawls, I want one too!

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  1. Woo love those colors. Can't wait to see what you decide to make!

    I've realized I need to finish a couple of quilts rickety split, and the other day I was thinking of you and how many things you've accomplished recently... I'll trade you some of my shawl mojo for your quilting mojo ;)


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