Monday, July 25, 2016

Christmas in July

This is the brunt of my Christmas sewing for this July. But if I was going to get anything finished this July, I'm glad it was this stocking for the baby.

We don't do traditional colored stockings or even Christmas fabric stockings in this house. I'm not anti- those things...but for some reason, I loved the idea of non-traditional, and I went with it. (I *really* need to make a tree skirt--there are so many opportunities here for fun fabric play!) The family already has a red, blue, green, yellow, and hot pink stocking, so I opted for purple for Ms. Vanilla. I dug out purple fabrics from stash, but I also raided my scrap bin, which yielded the squares for the ombre strip. To be honest, this is not my favorite stocking I've ever made--it's okay. But I might remake it. And that would be okay too.

And the back. The fabric is a special print my friend S gave me before I left. So of course I had to use it for a special project. I also lined the stocking with it, and added bonus, I have plenty leftover. Fabric from friends is the best kind of fabric!

I wish could say I sacrificed everything and went upstairs to the attic and got out all of the stockings to show them together, but the temperature up there is roughly equivalent to the surface of the sun, so I've opted to stay downstairs where it is slightly cooler. I'm sure you understand.

This is finish #4 from my Q3 FAL list, woo! 


  1. Look at you!! Well done for a Christmas finish and a FAL finish - and it's gorgeous!

  2. This turned out awesome! I really love that fan print too!

  3. I totally understand staying downstairs and avoiding the surface of the sun temperatures! I think the stocking will blend in beautifully with the rainbow of other stockings you have already made for the family.

  4. A very early Christmas finish! Congratulations on your finish, and thank you, on behalf of the 2016 global FAL hosts, for taking part!


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