Friday, July 15, 2016

FF: Star Blossoms 2 Cushion.

I am thrilled to have this one complete, especially as it's a super late birthday present for my sister. It's the same pattern as my own Star Blossoms project--a table topper that I turned into a cushion--modeled from the awesome Star Blossoms tutorial from Stitched in Color.

A loooooong time ago, I made my sister a quilt for her living room. Her house is mostly tans and chocolate browns with pops of yummy turquoise. It's stunning, and I was so happy that the quilt I made fit into the decor scheme. While I've since used up almost all of the fabric scraps I had from that project, I did have a bit of the turquoise batik left. Team that up with a couple of other turquoise prints, an aqua B&C print for the center hexagons, and this tan w/ gold metallic fabric that I've had for ages, and this cushion cover was born.

I did finish this cover a bit differently than my own. I used an invisible zipper instead of an envelope closure. My own pillow's closure gapes horribly, and I didn't want that business on this gift. I also didn't put a binding around it. I really like that aspect of my own--it frames it rather nicely--but I didn't have enough of any of the fabrics to negotiate that, and I didn't feel like introducing a new fabric for binding was the right call, so plain Jane it is.

Plain Jane or not, I feel like she's lovely in her own right!

One last photo of this baby before I pack her up and mail her off! I do hope my sister likes her!

Oh, and this is my first finish from my Q3 FAL list, woohoo! Q3 list, I told you I was going to dominate you, and this is the right kind of start.


  1. I really like the depth that the pillow has; the browns make the turquoise stars float and pop and have a lovely 3D effect. I hope your sister loves it!

  2. I applaud your use of brown here. I rarely sew with browns, and when I do, it's always chocolate brown. The result here is a sophisticated and subtle pillow. Well done!

  3. I love your version in pinks and so appropriate that two sisters are linked by a pattern. I'm sure she will love it. Congratulations on the finish and thanks for linking up to the FAL quarter three on behalf of your team of hosts

  4. Wow, a wonderful colour combination. Congratulations to the wonderful finish.


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