Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Maxaloones for C

I am so excited to have these done and mailed before my nephew's birthday. These are from the Max and Meena Maxaloones pattern, which I have had on my to-buy list for forever. They are specifically designed for cloth diaper babies. If you've ever cloth diapered, you understand the struggle to find pants that will fit over that bum. The pattern features three sizes, and all three sizes cover a wide age range. Size 1, which is what I sewed up here, are supposed to fit from three months to three years old. With baby #4 on the way, I'm a huge fan of clothing that will actually fit the kid for more than two hours, know what I'm saying? (Added bonus, I think they are ridiculously cute.)

I used Art Gallery knits for there pants, and friends, everything you may have heard about Art Gallery knits is true. They are SO soft. I'm trying to restrain myself and not buy a huge load of more AG knits for Vanilla. (I do have some planned for her.) I think these are both from Bonnie Christine's Hello, Bear collection, but that could be totally made up.

And these are the pants as worn by my two-year-old. They're for my nephew's first birthday, but I think they'll fit him just fine too. I hadn't planned to make a pair for my two-year-old, but they look so stinkin' cute that I'm pretty sure he needs some too. And maybe my four-year-old. And maybe my six-year-old who is on the small size?? Because why not? I guess this pair of Maxaloones means my fear of knit fabrics has been conquered? They're still not my favorite to sew with, but I'm getting more comfortable with them, for sure.

This is finish #2 from my Q3 FAL list, woo!


  1. The pants are super cute, but even cuter when modeled! :)

  2. Super cute!! I bet they'll get lots of use too! Thank you for participating in the FAL, on behalf of the 2016 global FAL hosts


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