Monday, July 4, 2016

Starting Lito's Big Boy Quilt

As y'all know, I have three little boys. The oldest two share a bed and sleep under a lovely quilt that my quilting sensei made for my oldest. In the last few months, it's become abundantly clear that my growing boys are outgrowing a shared sleeping space, and bunk beds are in our very near future.

But this isn't exactly new information. I knew that their time sharing a bunk would be short-lived, and while it's been sweet, they're getting older and need a bit more space. Lucky for me, I was thinking of this eventuality when boy #2 was still a wee baby. And that's especially lucky, since it meant I was able to pick up this lovely stash of Lizzy House's 1001 Peeps while it was still more readily available.

I got nervous for a bit. Number two had a love affair with the color green, and I had a feeling he wouldn't dig a blue quilt. But in recent months, his heart has moved to blue, and I'm taking advantage of that shift before he decides that another color has won his heart.

I ordered some complimentary Kona solids--Peapod, Pacific, and Sky, though I also liked Ocean, Oasis, Caribbean, and Windsor--and after auditioning several quilt designs with Lito, he selected the quilt plan I've been leaning toward, Kate Conklin's Fussy Fairytales quilt pattern.

And once those Kona solids arrive, well, I'm excited to start cutting!


  1. Oh, that fabric is going to be perfect in those fussy frames. I hope you have so much fun making this quilt. :)

  2. Oh this will look stunning Audrey - so happy he's headed back for blue :) I wasn't quick enough on my daughter's design decision so have one quilt almost finished that she no longer requires and another one just started!!


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