Wednesday, July 13, 2016

A Rainbow Quilt Top

The past ten days or so have been extremely productive sewing. I can't exactly explain why--if I could, I would harness that productivity and make a killing selling my "secret", but since that's not going to happen, I'll just be content with what I've gotten done, a list that includes this quilt top!

Of the three baby quilts I need to get finished in the next few months, this one tops the list, as its recipient is arriving first. I have until the end of September, but I worry that it'll take me that long to figure out how to quilt it--I have a feeling that the best quilting scheme would be WAAAAAAY outside my comfort zones, like so far outside that I wouldn't even know where to begin. But will my old standbys be an uncomfortable fit? This lovely is basted, so I need to pull it out when the kids are occupied and just take a bit of time to mull it over.

This is my favorite block of the rainbow log cabin bunch. As you can see, I really went wherever my scraps took me, and this top includes plenty of solids, prints, batiks, etc. There are fabrics from all sorts of quilts projects--this one includes scraps from my second quilt ever, and even a strip from a quilt I made for the recipient's older brother!

I have loads of that swirly star fabric, and at 45", this quilt will require just a bit more than WOF for its backing. I opted to use a complimentary planet fabric, and this rainbow strip I've had lying around for way too long. I almost used it as part of a quilt backing several quilts ago, but I didn't need to piece the back, and my husband kindly mentioned that it's a special piece that I should save for a special quilt. I'm really glad I listened to him, as it fits this one much better!

I'd like to say I'll have this one quilted asap, but I just don't think that's going to happen. (Especially when I have another quilt top complete that seems like a much easier project to tackle! But more on that quilt later.)


  1. I would suggest just a simple spiral quilting - you already have those elements going on, and it's such a striking design, the quilting can be simple. Yay for productivity!

  2. I like the idea of spiral quilting too. Or quilting each of your nine sections with a different filler.

  3. I like the ideas of spiral quilting, but I'm also a huge fan of simple straight lines for a fast and stress free finish! I love how the backing turned out, too.


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