Saturday, August 11, 2012

adventures in paper piecing

Yes, Friends. That is my first paper pieced block. Ever. It's not perfect, but I am pretty proud of myself right now.

Flying Geese? Check.
Y-Seams? Check.
Paper piecing? Double-check.

This quilt is definitely stretching me.

Now, if only it would remove my extreme fear of zippers and making button holes, I'd be all set.


  1. Your block looks great Audrey! Keep it up! Oh, don't worry about button holes and zippers. Once you get them down you'll be fine!

  2. Awesome, dude! You are really growing your skills fast! (Not hard to do when you quilt as much as you do!) And the colors are just so fabulous....

    One of my upcoming projects involves a ton of 24" zippers (it's a loco project fer sure), so I can give you some hints or a step-by-step demo when you're in town. I've seen a few good tutorials for small zippered bags (I think Jeni has one) that would be a good place to start. I suggest buying a few from the Idea store to practice with when you're here (they're only like 25 cents).

    Button holes, not so much, especially considereing you have Agatha.

    1. Thanks, dude! I love the colors in this quilt. Absolutely love them. I think it's going to be really really hard to give this one away.

      I think it's probably a good idea to pick up some at the IDEA store. I do want to make some zipper pouches, so that sounds like a good project to practice on. (And I can't wait to see your project!) Question: Do you sew your zippers with a zipper foot? Or without? All of the tutorials I've seen have used a zipper foot, and I think that's why I hesitate. It's not exactly like I have a zipper foot for Agatha. I'd like to see you work with zippers--that would be great!

      And you're right about button holes. I think those will have to wait until I get a new machine or borrow someone else's! :)

  3. Wow! That's incredible for a first time block!! Congrats!


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