Friday, August 17, 2012

quilt top finish.

With the bulk of my baby shower prep duties completed--the baby shower is tomorrow, hooray!--I worked on my quilt during naptime. Yep. The entire time. (And I may have put on a video for my oldest and spent the baby's morning nap sewing too.) I feel as though the last couple of weeks (and especially the last one) have left any and all free time to take care of phone calls and emails and work for my actual job and preparations and lists and spreadsheets and creating bingo boards and I'm sure I forgot something in that list because my brain is mush.

Friends? This mama needed a break for fun. Here's where I started. (Yep, I'm classy and use painter's tape in lieu of a formal design wall.

Here's a pretty quilt top!

And here's part of the backing that I finished up about thirty minutes ago. I still have about eighteen inches to piece and add to the top of this to make it long enough, but I am determined to piece this puppy using scraps from the front, and so help me, I will. Two-thirds of the remaining space will be covered by a panel of the yellow patterned batik, so really, I'm only looking at piecing a 1.5 foot square.

I had originally intended to use pinwheels in the corner and make a border similar to the border I did for Baby K's quilt, but after piecing my blocks, I decided to nix it because 1) the tie-dye on the border would be way too much, 2) the quilt is already quite large for a throw, and frankly, I'm already more than a little scared to quilt this thing, 3) I want to get this quilt done soon so I can mail it out, and 4) I'm tired, Friends, and have a lot of projects I really need to get started on. Like my Sequintastic September project. And birthday gifts. And the holidays! (Oh, the holidays!)

I need to pick up some batting tomorrow, and I'm going to use leftover black to bind it. I'm not entirely happy with the way the blocks lined up, but each block has a symbolic meaning, and they kind of have to be in that order.

Here's hoping I get this bad boy basted tomorrow, and then on to quilting. I have orange and purple and black thread, and I'm planning some wild (for me) quilting. I hope you have a lovely and relaxing weekend. Do you have any wild quilting plans in the works?


  1. Are you kidding me? The painter's tape is an awesome idea!!

    The quilt is looking awesome. I love the colors. When you start your project for Sequintastic, let me know, and I can give you a Skype tutorial. :)

    1. Thanks, dude!

      At this point, I think I have my design finalized, but I need to draw out the blocks, re-measure fabric and get it cut, then piece. I'm trying to figure out when is the best time to add the sequins--pre-quilting, then quilt around? Or during the quilting by hand? What do you think? Will the embroidery stage leave the back looking yuck? It is a wall hanging, so that isn't a huge deal, but it's something I'm considering.


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