Thursday, June 30, 2016

241 Tote Number 9.

I jokingly posted last year that I was building an army of 241 totes, but I don't think I can really consider that a joke any more. Today's version is number nine, baby, and like EVERY SINGLE ONE I MAKE, it might be my favorite yet.

But seriously. How could I not love this one? 

It's uses my all time favorite color combination--red, pink, orange, and yellow with navy. It features this awesome print by Melody Miller. And I think I finally nailed everything exactly right on this version. I clipped where I needed to clip. I didn't have to use my seam ripper once! I made the handle properly, plus, I attached it properly. My interfacing behaved. My zipper insertion was painless! (Okay, I wish I had remembered to topstitch the top with pink thread too, but if that's my only regret, I'll embrace it!)

This one is for me. No, really. Out of the nine I've made, this is only the second that is hanging around with me, and only because my first one is so well-loved. After almost two years of near daily use--I LOATHE switching purses--it is still in excellent shape. I just really wish the strap was longer on it so that I can wear it cross-body. This new one will take care of that.

I actually bought some Tula Pink Elizabeth fabric ages ago with the intent of making one an Elizabeth cameo on the exterior panel, but then I bought this fabric for something else and immediately knew it had to be a 241 for me.

Best of all, this is a finish from my Q2 FAL list, which is mostly untouched. I knew this quarter would be wild busy with other life business, but even still, I was hopeful to get to more projects. Q3 looms in the distance, and I'm already plotting my next lovely list of lovely.

What is your most well-loved pattern? I'm working on birthday/holiday gift ideas, and I need some input, y'all.


  1. So glad you are keeping this one for yourself; I thought the colors were very "you" when I saw the preview photo in Bloglovin!

  2. Gorgeous - what a overly bag for you! Congrats on a FAL finish ..... I'm eyeing up my projects for Q3 too x

  3. Ooh fantastic... makes me want to make a bag too! Thanks so much for linking up with the Finish-A-Long, on behalf of all of the hosts :)


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