Sunday, July 1, 2012


That's the number of fabric cuts I need to make for my Marie quilt. Eeek!

When I start to get scared about that number, I look at my growing collection of fabric, and I feel a little better. I need to pick out three more prints and a background fabric. I'm thinking of maybe doing a solid for the background--any ideas? Possibly white?

Last week I didn't get much quilting done as we took off early on Thursday and spent an extended weekend in Los Angeles. Our drive down was awful--1.5 hours traveling an eight mile stretch in the middle of nowhere--but the drive back was lovely, including a gorgeous view of the cost for part of the trip.

We spent all day Friday at the Disney California Adventure Park because my oldest is a Cars fanatic. We stayed with our friend's mom, who not only quilts, but has a super fun quilting room, and I got to see some fun works-in-progress.

I'm trying to put together my July to-do-quilty list, and here's what I have so far:
  • Finish Baby K's quilt (aka, quilt #4).
  • Make placemats.
  • Make another mini quilt. 
  • July BOM from In Color Order.
  • Finish purchasing Marie Quilt fabrics, get the cutting done, and decide on block placement.
  • Write up my Blog Hop post.
  • Maybe get brave and make a tote/purse? 
Phew! That's a lot to do. But as usual, I think that Agatha and I are up for the challenge. What are you planning to do this July? 


  1. Personally, I think you should reward yourself with a piece of cake for every cut you make. I can say this without panic because you'll be eating California cake, which I have no access to. ;)

    But seriously, the Marie quilt is going to be amazing!!

    1. SS, as always, your genius is mind-blowing. Cake for every cut? Love it! Though I'm sad you won't be around to share. I think even I would be willing to share that much cake. :)

  2. That's quite a list! But I know you can do it!

    I would caution against a white background since they get dirty easily and clean much less easily.

    I'll be finishing the Top Secret quilt this month, and then shifting back to jewelry for the submission to the book that is due at the end of the month. Then I can start the cameo pillow project!

    I'm still laughing that we both got fabric (different fabric!) with pink-haired ladies on it the same week. But before you suggest it, NO, I am not getting mine pinked, so sorry.

    1. It is quite the list! But I find when I don't make a crazy big list, I run out of things to do and get sad. Sad Audrey=no good! :)

      I agree with your thoughts on the white. And to be honest, I really don't want to use white. I really want to make sure everything flows well.

      Yay for quilting! And jewelry! And pillows!

      I'm going to be honest with you, I hadn't registered that my Marie had pink hair until you told me. Apparently Marie and I were destined! Pink is such a personal decision, and I'll respect your non-pinking. Blue, instead? :)

  3. You could maybe do a blue or a teal - that would pair well with the pink, and might make for a nice contrast. And it looks like most of the fabrics already have that tone in them.

    Also, I LOVE the July BOTM. It makes me excited that I've started sewing for that project! =]

    1. I like the idea of doing blue. I also thought about lavender. I think the hardest part is going to be matching up the color or finding a shade that will work. This is when I need you!!!!

      I LOVE the July BOTM as well! And I love my finished block even more! How far have you gotten? :)

    2. Showoff. =]

      I do have tomorrow off from work, though, so who knows? Maybe I'll finish quilting the star quilt /and/ do half a year's worth of BOTM piecing.

    3. OOH. Quilting goodness! I can't wait to see pictures! You'll email me when you start pumping those puppies out, right?


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