Saturday, July 14, 2012

growing some courage.

Earlier in the month, I made a list of quilty to-dos for July.

That list now looks like this:
  • Finish Baby K's quilt (aka, quilt #4).
  • Make placemats.
  • Make another mini quilt. 
  • July BOM from In Color Order.
  • Finish purchasing Marie Quilt fabrics, get the cutting done, and decide on block placement.
  • Write up my Blog Hop post.
  • Maybe get brave and make a tote/purse?  
One placemat is done and another needs its binding hand-stitched to the back. The other two are basted and need quilting, but first I have to purchase some cream thread. Placemats will definitely be done this month. I'm waiting on fabric to arrive for my mini quilt, though I probably should sketch out the blocks and make sure my measurements are all accurate. Not sure that puppy will get done this month.

Today I spent an hour and a half laying out the Marie quilt. It was an incredibly nerve-wracking experience, and it threw me into a funk for a good four hours. (Yummy Thai food and an apple tart were enough to break the spell.) I kept thinking--this will be on my bed! Possibly for forever! My grandkids might one day inherit this, and I don't want them thinking, "What was Grammy thinking?" The husband kept telling me to take it slow and relax, but I wanted to smack him every time. What do you mean, relax?!?! I'm perfectly relaxed! Growl! When I was done, I felt kind of iffy about it, but looking back at the pictures, I'm feeling better, which is probably a good thing. Now, to soothe my aching back and knees....

I suppose I best get my courage on and start working on that bag. I'm thinking about this bag, though I also love this pattern. Tula Pink's The Birds and the Bees is now in stores, so I'm thinking I'll make a practice bag first and then buy some of that lovely lovely fabric for a for-realz bag.

I did play around with my scraps yesterday and made these two blocks for my picnic quilt. The top block is about the width of two of the smaller blocks I'm making. I've been trying to steer away from whites since the quilt's primary duty will be to save my derriere from making contact with the ground, but when I saw that turquoise leaf print up against the black and white, I knew it was meant to be. These are definitely my favorite two blocks. (For now.)

Finally, I picked up this hedgehog fabric for the Let's Get Acquainted Blog Hop I-Spy Charm Swap. Woo. That's a mouthful. I love me those hedgehogs! I need to get this cut up into charm squares--I think I might cry when I cut it since I seriously want to keep it for me--and get it shipped out. This week?

Now, about you. How was your Saturday? Lovely, I hope? Do you have fun plans for tomorrow? Are you getting your crafty-self on this weekend? Tell me about it!

I'm off, friends. There is a lovely piece of cake (cake?!?!?!) in the fridge, and it's calling to me. Aaaaaaudreeeeey! Aaaaaaudreeeey! 

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