Saturday, July 21, 2012

oh, the weekend.

This weekend, I will be cutting into this stack of fabric to sew up a fabric bunting for an upcoming baby shower. I've also finished sketching out the designs and figuring out required fabric amounts for two upcoming quilts-woohoo! I'm pretty much in love with the orange with white stripes. It called to me from the fat quarter wall at my LQS, and lucky for me, pink, yellow, and orange are the baby shower colors. (And I did not pick them out, FYI, though I know you see that hot pink and immediately think of me!) Of course, the pink scribbly fabric next to it is another favorite, and I used it recently for my placemats, which I hope to finish binding tonight! That deserves another woohoo!

I'm waiting on 4.5 yards of black solid, and once that arrives, I need to hit the pavement running on a couple of quilt projects, so I'm trying to tie up some loose ends while I can. Placemats, some upcoming gifts for friends and family, and possibly some drawstring bags. I'm hoping to have a huge collection to utilize in lieu of wrapping paper this holiday season. (I have good intentions, but NO idea if it will actually happen. Good intentions count, right?) And today, I'll be turning some 12.5" blocks that have no home into 12" pillows. I'm using this tutorial from sewmamasew. One day I want to get brave enough to add piping, but for now, time constraints demand simplicity, so boring envelope closure it is. The fronts will be fun, and I'll console myself with that.

We spent yesterday at Natural Bridges State Beach in Santa Cruz, CA. Friends, sitting on the beach is such a lovely way to spend the day, even if my sunscreen died on me, and I have weird shaped sunburns on my shoulders that itch like the dickens. The water was ridiculously cold, but I stuck my feet in until they hurt, then enjoyed the electrifying sensation of the super hot sand on my super cold feet. Only the ocean would inspire me to such craziness, and I loved every minute of it. I felt like a small child with my constant urge to shriek, "It's the ocean! It's the ocean!"

Since my quilty to-do list isn't getting any smaller, and I actually have a child-free moment with Lito down for a nap and Banzo off gallivanting with his father--another woohoo, perhaps?--I best be getting to it. What are your plans for the weekend?

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