Friday, July 27, 2012

sewing with my two-year-old.

This morning, I spent some time chain piecing 48 charm squares for that baby quilt I forgot about decided to put together last minute just to see if I could do it.  My little one woke up from his nap and demanded to be fed, and halfway through our feeding session, I realized it had gotten quiet, and unless it's late and both kidlets are in bed, quiet in this house is never a good sign.

I found my son giggling with excitement because he was sitting in front of Agatha. (Since his feet can't touch the pedal and my needle was down, I wasn't too concerned.)

After I finished feeding Lito, Banzo and I proceeded to sew some of "his" scraps together. When I have pieces that are too small, I typically give them to him, and he uses them in his cooking endeavors. But today, he was super excited to bring them to me so that we could sew them together. Of course, he couldn't understand why I kept flattening out the huge wads of fabric he gave me, and I think he started to question my artistic discretion, but kindly, he said nothing.

Lito lay in his massage chair--I kid you not, this thing reclines and vibrates and plays music, and sometimes I wish I had one--while we finished, and after Banzo and I were through, I even managed to finish my chain piecing. I'm excited to see this quilt top come together. I'm only using a handful of fabrics, but I think the finished product will be nice. (Woo!)

We have a friend in town this weekend, so I'm envisioning very little sewing time. Better get to pressing all of those blocks before he arrives!

Have a lovely weekend! Do you have any fun sewing plans?


  1. It won't be long before he's doing his own sewing! That, and cooking you breakfast. :)

  2. Which, let's be honest, will be awesome. :)

  3. Keep encouraging your son. My son is in college now and has sewn costumes, purses (for his girl) and book bags. He thinks he can make anything. He 'rescued' a leather suitcase from the trash and sewed a book bag. (my machine no longer winds bobbin!! but his creation was amazing!)

  4. How fun! I hope my son is interested (sometimes) in sewing too. :)


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